Ultimate Spa Pedicure

Ultimate Spa Pedicure


This pedicure includes everything from the Classic Pedicure. The Ultimate Spa Pedicure package is an anthology of the best-kept secrets from all parts of the world. From ancient Asia to Europe, and the Middle East we scavenged to find and source the best from the world to enchant our spa treatment customized to your skin condition.
You can choose from the following scented themes for this pedicure:
Lavender: Natural lavender extracts have calming and relaxing properties that will help soothe the body and promotes relaxation.
Jasmine: We have developed a unique blend of essential oil and natural ingredients to bring the most uplifting jasmine aroma that will tantalize your senses.
Mango Delight: Brighten your day with a Mango Delight pedicure package with vitamin A to reduce dark spots and blemishes for a naturally youthful complexion.
Peppermint: Refresh and cool with deep sea mud mask that contains nutrition that helps to increase circulation and gives your feet a cooling sensation.
Tangerine Twist: Exhausting day? Recharge your feet with vitamin C and invigorate your mood.
Lemon: Feeling hydrated? Quench your skin’s thirst with Lemon Quench pedicure to flush away toxins and impurities.
Cucumber: Freshen and glow your feet for a vibrant and healthy glow. Cucumber helps in soothing and softening your skin.


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